Ghareeb (2019) dir. Youstine Faltas
Actor-Production Assistant
Like a Record, Baby (2019) dir. Brenna Webb
Why Are You Here? (2019) dir. Persis Rao
Tooth Fairy (2019) dir. Payton McCarthy Simas
A Fever Story (2020) dir. Yuugo
Associate Producer

in Post-Production 
Nyla dir. Ken Westrick
Short Student Film, Producer
Wood Thrush dir. Peter Forbes
 Production Coordinator
A Man Among Men dir. Glenn Brown
Production Assistant 
The Sour Taste of Sleep dir. Ruchit Negotia
Tallahassee dir. Darine Hotait 
Assistant Director 

in Development 
Happily Ever After dir. Farida Zahran
Associate Producer

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