Hayat Aljowaily 
Film . Communications . Social Sciences
Hayat Aljowaily is an Egyptian filmmaker based in Paris. 
Having grown up between Washington D.C, Cairo, Geneva, and New York, Hayat has always been interested in issues related to global politics, cultural exchange, and identity. Hayat completed a BA in Social Sciences at Sciences Po, Paris, and a BA in Film and Media Studies at Columbia University. 

Throughout her time at university, Hayat continued to pursue her passion for social issues, interning with UN Women and the Lebanese NGO March Lebanon. She also began pursuing her passion for film, interning with the film agency Mad Solutions in Cairo, film production company Maven Pictures in New York & J’aime ce Garçon in Paris. Additionally, she gained experience in media & communications interning with Nineteen84 Management in Cairo and working with the School of General Studies’ communications team. 

After graduating in May 2020, Hayat joined Mediawan’s documentary international sales team as an intern. Shortly thereafter, she was hired by Marvel Studios as a director’s assistant (to Mohamed Diab) on their series "Moon Knight" streaming on Disney +.  

Aside from her work as a film professional, Hayat is also a filmmaker. Hayat’s bachelors' thesis film, Maybe Next Time, has screened at over 10 events and festivals around the world. Most notably, it won the Audience Award at the Tripoli Online Film Festival in Lebanon. She is currently developing a number of independent projects, including a short film, a documentary series, and a short musical film. She is currently producing most of these projects under the Le Hangar label. 

Hayat is also the founder of the Kalam Aflam initiative, which aims to create a space to celebrate Arab art & film in Paris. 

Hayat strives to use films as a means to promote social cohesion and cultural understanding.